Who Let the Goats Out?!

Goats at the WPWMA

Are you wondering why the landfill looks like a petting zoo? Who let the goats out? Here at the Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA), these goats do a lot more work than just eating grass and looking cute.

How Goats Help our Environment

Goats are brought out by our engineers to graze the vegetation covering the landfill for both fire prevention and environmental control. Using goats for maintenance in green spaces has become an increasingly popular practice. It serves as an environmentally friendly solution to vegetation management and works to lessen the erosion of the soil covering our landfill.

Grazing has been known to improve soil health by increasing the cycle of carbon and other nutrients returning to the soil. In comparison to alternative grass cutting techniques, it reduces sediment erosion significantly, which is an important factor in protecting our landfill. Goats also emit far less greenhouse gases than a regular lawn mower, contributing to our mission of creating solutions for a sustainable environment!

The goats can be seen at work in various locations across the WPWMA’s campus. They will be staying for the next 5-6 weeks until their grazing is complete.

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