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The WPWMA knows how important connecting with our community is to “talk trash.” Which is why we enjoy having a presence at community events, providing facility tours, and fun opportunities for K-12 education. 

Look for the Placer Recycles booth and talk trash with us at local community events across Western Placer County! Be sure to follow us on social media @WPWMA and @PlacerRecycles for the chance to get “Trash Talker” shirts and reusable bags! To invite the WPWMA or Placer Recycles to your event, please email

Ever wondered where your waste goes after it’s picked up? Want to see where innovations in recycling, organics recovery, and economic development are coming soon? Community members are invited to tour our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Construction & Demolition facility, and composting facility.

Due to our facility’s ongoing construction and renovations through early 2025, the WPWMA’s tours will be able to accommodate individuals who are the age of 16 or older. This is subject to change if construction circumstances make it necessary. To request a tour, please complete this form.

For any questions regarding tours of the facility, please email

Can’t make it for an in-person tour? Take a virtual tour of the MRF!

The WPWMA has contracted with The Eco Hero Show to provide school-wide assemblies for elementary schools throughout western Placer County. Please email for information regarding scheduling assemblies.

Waste management facility staff tour the dump in hard hats.
Three WPWMA team members share information about the the waste management facility at an event booth.
Waste management staff pose for a picture in the sorting facility wearing PPE.
Three WPWMA team members share information about the the waste management facility at an outdoor event booth.