What on Earth is the MRF?

Wide view of a sorting facility.

The world of waste and recycling has its own key terminology and acronyms, but our favorite is the MRF (pronounced MURF) which stands for Materials Recovery Facility, a key component of Placer Recycles. The MRF receives, separates and prepares materials to be sold for recycling using a combination of equipment and manual labor.


The MRF is designed to:  

  1. Recover recyclable materials from mixed waste such as household trash or construction and demolition debris
  2. Process organics such as yard waste and food scraps for composting
  3. Receive and process source-separated recyclables such as cardboard and beverage containers
  4. Recycle or properly dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) including batteries, used motor oil and filters, and household medications 


Why on earth does Placer County need a MRF?

The MRF ensures continued landfill capacity for western Placer County jurisdictions by recycling materials that would otherwise be disposed    


Did you know that we recover enough recycled material to stack a football field about 60 feet high every three months??


Did you know that nearly 1.8 million pounds of garbage arrives at our facility each weekday?


Did you know our MRF has six sorters dedicated to recovering glass materials such as jars and bottles? They each fill a two-yard bin of glass per day, which is nearly 1 ton of glass per sorter!  


The MRF is an essential component for western Placer County jurisdictions’ residential and commercial recycling programs.  


How can I help? 

Reduce: If you reduce the amount of waste you produce, you will naturally need to recycle less to have a positive impact on our planet and build a more sustainable future.
Reuse: Simple steps go a long way! Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag for your grocery run. Use reusable containers for food storage or reuse single sided printed pages for scratch paper. It’s not a lot, but it means so much.
Recycle: No need to separate –throw everything in your bin (except HHW), and we’ll make sure your trash is properly disposed in the landfill after the recyclables have been recovered.  


Take a virtual tour of the WPWMA MRF