Rid Responsibly When Seeking a Clutter-free Life

Woman places full trash bag in large bin

Clutter free is the new “in”.. Popular TV shows and blogs promote minimalism, and keeping only possessions that “inspire joy”. And now, the rampant consumerism of yesteryear is giving way to the new principles of minimalism.


So this spring, go beyond the single trip to the nonprofit thrift shop and actually do a purge. Ask yourself; What do I want to own — really. Let’s start with clothing. Do you know that 80 percent of what we wear comes from only 20 percent of your wardrobe? Could it be that some of those clothes are supposed motivators to lose a few? According to a growing number of diet gurus, goal clothes don’t inspire weight loss, and you’ll be happier if you donate fashions that don’t fit.


Clothing keepers are usually keepers of paper/files/books too. When was the last time you reread a book you owned? Recycle them to your local library or create a little free library! And remember, your One Big Bin is starving for files, old mail, magazines, and newspapers. Remember- Recipes are now online people!


Now the hard part — the garage. Danger lurks in there. Household hazardous waste like old electronics, motor oil, dead fluorescent tubes/bulbs and batteries (household and vehicle), motor oil and filters, mercury-containing items and FOGs (Fats/Oils/Grease) can be harmful to health as well as to the planet if not disposed of properly.. Call your hauler and schedule a pickup of hazardous waste items.


None of this information will sink in if you are in denial about your clutter habits, so consider the following as a test. Do you have items stuck to the fridge? A study by UCLA anthropologists surmised that if the fridge looks junky, the house is junky (average American fridge has 52 items posted on it).


Like the renewal of spring, decluttering can have a profound and uplifting effect on your life. Get to it and get to it responsibility by keeping items out of landfills and into the hands of others who need it. Good luck!