Recharge What You Know About Battery Recycling

A person drops a battery with its ends taped into a bin

Batteries may not be the first item to come to mind when it comes to recycling, however, batteries are among many common household items waiting to reach their highest potential! Recycling comes in all shapes and sizes.


When it comes to recycling batteries, all different types are acceptable. From the batteries in your cell phone, TV remote or vehicle, they all can get a second chance when disposed of properly. Check out our best practices for recycling batteries!


Curbside pick-up without a hiccup

Curbside pick-up is offered among a variety of consumer services ranging from grabbing an afternoon snack to getting groceries. Did you know that the same can be done for disposing of batteries and HHW? Recycling materials such as batteries has never been made easier! Check out our list of haulers to confirm if your area is eligible for residential curbside pickup to keep batteries out of your one big bin. Call and schedule an appointment today!


Save batteries and save time

Taking every single old battery to a local drop-off location can be tedious. However, saving your old batteries in a battery box can save time! Keep a battery box made out of an old cardboard box, like a shoebox. Once the battery box is full, conveniently drop it off at a partnering grocery store, library, HHW facility or home improvement store. Visit our list of partner locations and HHW facilities to plan your next drop-off.


Don’t be in the dark about potential spark

When storing old batteries, make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place, store them in a plastic or cardboard container and always tape the ends of the battery with clear tape before properly disposing of them. A battery that has been damaged or corroded can be dangerous. Practice these safety measures to avoid potential sparking and fire caused by old batteries.


Reduce and reuse with rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be found in everyday items like your phone, laptop and wireless speakers. You can also purchase rechargeable batteries for your TV remote or smoke alarm. Using rechargeable batteries can prevent waste. When it is time to send that rechargeable battery out to pasture, follow battery recycle measures to be safe and environmentally friendly.