Clear Away the FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)

Plastic bottles filled with FOG on a counter

Do not let FOG (fats, oils and grease) dampen your bright days or drains! FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease. We all produce FOG when we cook with meats, oil, butter or margarine, lard, sauces, and dairy products. You might already know that pouring FOGs down your sink will lead to major plumbing issues, but did you know it should not go in your One Big Bin either? However convenient this seems; throwing away FOGs with your trash is improper disposal.


What the FOG happens when we do not dispose of fats, oils, and grease properly?

When tossed in your One Big Bin the FOG is hauled with your waste and recyclables to the MRF (Material Recovery Facility) at WPWMA, where line workers who separate your trash and recycling find it. The FOGs cause contamination to all the other items in your bin, ruin the possibility of your items being recycled and creates a lot more work for line workers at our facility.


While you cannot pour FOG down the drain or place them in your trash bin, how will they be removed from your home? Placer Recycles has you covered. We offer FREE services for FOG pickup directly from your home. For those who don’t live in an area where pick-up services are available, you can drop off your FOG at our HHW facilities.


How to dispose of FOG correctly

  • All cooking fats, oils or grease have cooled to room temperature,
  • Placed in a clear plastic container with a lid, clearly labeled “FOG”, and only contain FOG within (no water, food scraps or other waste can come with it.)


Residents of the cities listed below can simply call to schedule a pick-up time at their homes.


Call today to schedule your curbside pickup appointment:

(530) 885-3735 | Auburn • Colfax

(916) 774-5780 | City of Roseville

(916) 434-2450 | City of Lincoln

(916) 786-8212 | Loomis • Rocklin • Penryn • Newcastle

Drop off locations:

Free drop-off locations for FOG are available to those who don’t live in an area where pick-up service is available.

  1. Western Placer Waste Management Authority Household Hazardous Waste Facility
    3033 Fiddyment Road, Roseville
  2. Recology Auburn PlacerTransfer Station
    12305 Shale Ridge Road, Auburn