3 Steps To Safely Dispose of Your Used Motor Oil and Filter

Mechanic holds a used oil filter.

Now that you have become an expert at the DIY oil change at home, here are the easy, convenient steps it takes to safely dispose of the used oil you collected. Remember, used motor oil is a hazardous substance that can contain lead and arsenic, and should be treated with care. Here are the three steps to safely dispose of your used motor oil and filter:


1. Place used oil filters in a re-sealable bag or other leak-proof containers

We often forget that a used oil filter is completely recyclable. In California, we generate 67 million used motor filters per year, which are banned from landfills but contain about a pound of reusable steel each.


When prepping your filter for recycling, be sure to place the filter hole-side down above your oil container and allow it to drain overnight to make sure gravity gets as much loose oil out as possible. Then place the used filter in a re-sealable bag or leak-proof container for safe and clean transport.


Be sure to mark the bag appropriately and store away from sun until ready for transport. When transporting the oil itself, don’t put oil in containers that was used for other chemicals, like bleach or paint, and be sure not to mix other car fluids with your oil. Transport different fluids in a separate container.


2. Take your used oil and filters to our free drop-off locations

In order to make DIY oil changes more convenient we offer multiple locations in Placer County for you to drop off your used motor oil and filters:


WPWMA Household Waste Facility
3195 Athens Avenue, Lincoln, CA
(916) 543-3960
Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


Recology Auburn Placer Transfer Station
12305 Shale Ridge Road
(530) 885-3735
Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m


For additional drop off locations, fill you in your specific zip code in CalRecycle’s list of Certified Used Oil Collection Centers in Placer County.


3. Use our free curbside pick-up service

One of the many benefits of living in Placer County is the availability of free, convenient services at your home, including a free curbside pick-up service for your household hazardous waste. In addition to used motor oil and filters, our curbside pick-up will haul away old electronics, used batteries, fluorescent tubes and bulbs, and so much more!


Call today to schedule your curbside pickup appointment.