PUBLIC HEARING: Tip Fee Increase

Pickup pulling a trailer approaches public scale house for access to waste facility.

The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) is a leader in solid waste management for western Placer County. Our commitment to a sustainable future through sound policies and proactive planning intensifies as our population grows.


Periodic adjustments to facility usage rates (tipping fees) allow the WPWMA to maintain balanced budgets and prepare for future expenditures. 


The California Legislature’s mandate to divert 75% of organic material from landfills by 2025 (SB 1383) requires the WPWMA to upgrade several facility elements, necessitating an adjustment to the current rate structure.


The WPWMA is concurrently conducting a competitive procurement process to select an operator to run the Materials Recovery Facility and Western Regional Sanitary Landfill. A preliminary review of the proposals suggests the facility will require significant capital investment to comply with new waste diversion regulations.


“We employ a long-range financial strategy to ensure sufficient revenue and balanced budgets,” said Kevin Bell, deputy executive director of the WPWMA. “We’ll be ready for tomorrow because we forecast Placer County needs and the State of California’s mandates, and then realistically account for them in each budget year.”


To address California’s lofty diversion mandates and necessary facility upgrades identified in the procurement process, the WPWMA Board of Directors will consider several scenarios for tipping fee increases at their meeting on March 11. Any approved rate increase will be effective July 1, 2021.


Please view the Public Notice for more details; updates will be posted as available.