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Renewable Placer: Waste Action Plan

The WPWMA  identified several development concepts and facility modifications incorporating the future needs of the WPWMA in terms of addressing regional growth, changes in regulations, increasing diversion rates, improving operational efficiencies and maintaining compatibility between operations and neighboring developments.

At their October 2016 meeting, the WPWMA Board of Directors approved a contract with Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. to conduct a wide range of master planning and environmental review services related to potential future uses of the WPWMA’s properties.

The WPWMA refined the Plan concepts with input from a diverse set of stakeholders including Member Agencies as well as the broader public and other various interested groups. WPWMA staff presented a preferred Plan to its Board of Directors for consideration to begin the CEQA process at their December 2018 meeting. The WPWMA Board directed staff to evaluate two Plan concepts equally via the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for potential impacts on environmental resources including air quality, odor, noise, transportation, and biological resources, among many others.

Project updates and documents are posted at as they become available.

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